Rachel Laing
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About Rachel

From the moment that Rachel could talk, she would sing. One of her fondest memories are of her father (Geoff Laing of Total Sound Recording) teaching his students how to sing whilst she sat quietly under his keyboard in his studio. Rachel's first recording was ‘Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah’ when she was just 4 years old.

Like many late 80s babies, Rachel was exposed to the internet and all of its possibilities at an early age and it was then that she fell in love with the audio profile of the late Eva Cassidy, inevitably, Rachel's love for folk music flowed organically from there.

Fortunately, Rachel was raised by parents who gave great value to her obsession for anything music, a passion that she says she was always destined to be been drawn towards. ABBA Gold and The Best of Van Morrison were the first albums she would hear courtesy of her parents, but it was her admiration of Eva Cassidy, The Dixie Chicks, Missy Higgins, Matchbox 20 and Kurt Nilsen that inspired her to pick up a guitar at 13 and begin to perform. Rachel started writing her own songs as soon as she learnt her first 4 chords to the tune of Angel by Sarah McLaughlin – Rachel went on to perform in many talent quests among her peers, she also uploaded some videos to YouTube before the website took the world by storm.

Over past decade, Rachel has successfully made music the main focus in her life and considers herself incredibly fortunate to be able to call herself a full time musician. From a vocal coach of private students during the week to consistently performing more than 150 gigs every year since 2007. Rachel is forever balancing between singing covers, learning songs, writing new songs and performing her own original music live. Rachel has been playing her originals to audiences since the age of 18 and has graced coveted live music venues like The Vanguard in Newtown and The Gaelic Theatre in Surry Hills.

Rachel’s voice is her most valuable attribute, being able to effortlessly cover every genre and style, from country to pop, Reggae to Rock, Blues to Soul and the list goes on. Rachel is an outstanding vocalist with a unique vocal tone. Her voice is strong, smooth and very easy on the ears - often compared to a healthy mix of amazing female singers, fans of Rachel are often found sat attentive at her gigs anywhere from 1-4 hours at a time. 

A life changing experience in early 2017 brought about a deep realization with regards to her original music and its intention. Rachel wishes to create music that facilitates a deep emotional change within people, music that inspires self belief, pursuit of passion, community living, peace, harmony and spiritual alignment. Rachel has uncovered through her own personal experience that music is indeed a universal language that can be harnessed to heal people subconsciously and thus her deep desire to reach the world with her music.

Rachel has been volunteering on a weekly basis since 2015 with her beautiful dogs Jackson and Honey with Delta Society Australia. Rachel selflessly provides companionship to the residents of a local dementia ward in North Parramatta. Rachel also performs within difference wards at this facility, along with other aged care facilities acoustically covering classics by John Denver, Johnny Cash and The Eagles to name a few.

Rachel dreams of a nomadic life, travelling the coast of Australia with her partner and dogs. Performing, volunteering, sharing, giving and seeing this magnificent country whilst writing and producing her own original songs along the way. 

Rachel has released several cover albums, original singles and a self titled debut original album all available to stream, download or purchase through the online store. Rachel is already writing her next album which will feature ascension anthems like 'Welcome To Paradise'. Thank you so much for supporting independent music. Please take a moment to share any song that you enjoy with a friend...