Benefits of Sound Therapy

  • relief of stress and anxiety

  • balanced L & R brain hemispheres

  • aligns your own natural resonant frequencies

  • improved sleeping habits

  • relief from pain & headaches

  • release of blocked energies

  • a deep meditation experience

  • a sense of deep relaxation and well-being


Sound Healing with Rachel

Rachel Laing has been guided to work intuitively with crystal singing bowls since her first encounter with them and has since acquired an impressive and extensive collection of frosted quartz and gemstone fusion crystal singing bowls in 432hz scale tuning. Each crystal singing bowl has been carefully selected by Rachel for it’s individual qualities, target chakra and its ability to harmonize and resonate with the rest of her collection. Rachel chooses to focus on either grounding, unconditional love, personal power, spiritual elevation, soul activation or connection to source depending on her energetic intention for each session - these specific choices may also be decided by the surrounding environment, location or the particular energy of the patient or group of participants as a collective. Rachel uses other sensory tools to enhance her sound healing sessions like incense, crystal grids, essential oils, chimes and tuning forks. Rachel recently created sacred space in The Temple as a Temple Guardian at Burning Seed 2018. She also looks forward to contributing to the healing space at Dragon Dreaming and conducting a guided meditation and crystal sound bath at Esoteric in 2019.

About Crystal Sound Therapy

Crystal Sound baths help to facilitate a shift in your brain waves so that a deep state of meditation and internal healing can occur. Crystal sound therapy is just one way of achieving a meditative state without having to master the practice of meditation. This experience is perfect for beginners however more experienced meditators may unlock the ability to reach a theta state (deep meditation) or even a delta state (where internal healing can occur).

Alchemy bowls are crystal singing bowls infused with rare and precious minerals such as Amethyst, Gold, Morganite, Obsidian and Moldavite. The addition of precious metals or minerals to the crystal singing bowls add another dimension by filtering the pure crystals sound as well as exposing patients to the qualities of each crystals individual healing properties.

The transcending sound that each of these crystal bowls produce individually, effortlessly fill and transform the energy of any space, surrounding and enveloping everyone into the present moment. When crystal singing bowls are played together in harmony and with musical intention, patients can feel spiritually guided and elevated, they may experience outer body sensations or weightlessness, colourful visualizations can be stimulated, subconscious emotional blockages may be released and some patients can fall asleep.


Crystal Sound Therapy is a gentle, powerful, therapeutic, healing modality. Everything living is made up of energy and is in a constant state of vibration. Human bodies are at their peak when harmony, pure resonance and balance are present. The physical body can align with the pure resonance of the crystal singing bowls as it receives a ‘tune-up’, transforming low vibrations back to their natural resonant frequencies, thus resulting in a deep sense of relaxation and overall wellness.


“Had a amazing experience. I felt like the music ran through my body and I could feel tears rolling down the side of my face . I could feel myself floating in the ocean. I was so relaxed. It was definitely something I really enjoyed. The sounds of the music from the bowls helped still my ever thinking mind. It felt good to turn off. I would recommend anyone to do this.” Katherine

“Had a weird but great experience... went in not knowing what to expect but I was open minded. The beautiful sounds and notes, played by Rachel, released different emotions and hit certain nerves in the body. It was intense and relaxing at the same time. I came out feeling amazing, positive and energized. Would definitely recommend for anyone, to try it at least once!”

“My first experience with the singing bowls with Rachel was a journey of absolute relaxation and depth into my inner thoughts. Such a pleasant sound and atmosphere that allowed my mind and body to let go of all my negative energy and just fall into meditation. In that moment I felt nothing but pure tranquility with my surroundings. I am looking forward to another session. Thank you.”